18th Brigade, 45th Group, 39th Engineers, Company D


I kept a diary while I was in Vietnam. Most of the names listed below are names that appeared in my diary at least once.  Most of the information in the Notes column came from my diary.  Some of the information came from comments that guys have placed in my Guest Book.  Some of the names may not be spelled exactly right.  I sincerely apologize for that.  I probably just tried to spell the names the way they sounded to me.  Some of the names have links to other sites and to photos on this site.


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Name From Company Notes
Alford, Chester   D In January of 2004 he was living in Waynesboro, VA.

Renuion photo: 1
Applebey, Frank   D 1969 - 1970
Ankney, Randy   D Supply Sgt. Company D, 39th Eng.  I arrived in country Dec. 1967 after hitch hiking from Anchorage Alaska where I missed my plane which had been grounded by a snow storm.  I was originally supposed to be in Cam Rhan Bay, but the medevac I hopped in Japan, took me to Ben Hoa where my orders were changed and I wound up with the 39th.  I wish I had pictures but your site has brought back memories, some good and some bad.  One memorable moment some of you may recall was the trip by transport ship from somewhere south to just north of Da Nang.  It was about an eighteen hour ride, and most of us got sea sick.  I've lived in Alaska now going on twenty years.  I'd like to hear from anyone that served with me.

E-mail: kfisher@mtaonline.net (as of Feb 8, 2013)
Arm, Leon Stiff   B LZ Dottie 71
Armstrong, John C Colorado Springs, CO   USA Ret 1Sgt, Dozer OP, Parts clerk, Motor Sgt.  May 1967 to May 1968.

2515 Hot Springs Ct
Colorado Springs, CO  80919
Phone: (719) 599-4686

E-mail: taxmancoloradojohn@yahoo.com(as of March of 2010)
Atha, Sgt   HHC Photo: 1
Badame, Captain Phillip   D I was the CO from January 68 to July 68 while Company D was located at LZ Baldy and Tam Key.  My call sign was Blue Bull Delta 6.
Bailey, Roger Kentucky   Roger was wounded on July 7, 1970 near Tam Key.  He was with the 39th Engineers and is not sure now which company he served with.

(See Randall Bauer comments below.)
Baisley, Mike California C I was in Vietnam from around June 1968 to Sept. 1969.  I was assigned to the 39th Combat Engineer Bn, 18th Engineer Brigade, Company C, squadleader of 3rd Platoon.  I remember being on LZ Snoopy, LZ Liz, south of Chu Li.  I remember Sniper Gap.  I now live in Morgan Hill, California. I am still not set up with my own e-mail, but could be reached by anyone that remembers me at Pager (650) 404-0482 or Home (408) 776-2895 (weekday evenings, after 6 P.M. onward).  I would really appreciate finding someone who remembers me and could guide me to finding more of the fellows with whom I served. I am writing this from my counselor's computer, as I do not have one.

NOTE: As of December 2015 the telephone numbers above for Mike are not working. If you see this Mike I wanted you to know that Rich Cappiello has been trying to contact you. His contact information is available on this page.

UPDATE: Rich Cappiello was able to track down Mike. Here is his address as of December 2015 -

PO Box 7157
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158
Barden, John Texas HHC I served proudly with the 39th in HHC from Jan 1968 to Jan 1969.  I was in charge of the generator shop in the Engineer section of Bn. Maint.  I replaced Bob Hobert.  I am also secretary of the Alumni Group that was elected at our first reunion.  We are also turning out a news letter several times a year thanks to Gale Helser.  If anyone served with the 39th Engineer Battalion or attached units in Vietnam and would like to receive a copy of the news letter please contact me.  The news letter goes out to those off line also.  We do need your help with stories, memories, photos ect. that will help build interest with-in our group.  I encourage you to help us. Links to our Yahoo Group are here on Richard's web page.  Thanks to GW for starting and managing the Yahoo.com group. Please join the group and post on the message board.
E-mail: jbflaco@yahoo.com
E-mail: jbflacolaredo@aol.com
Barnes, Larry   HHC In country in from December 1966 to December 1967.

I was at Tuy Hoa, Duc Pho, Chu Lai in in HHC.

Email: larrybarnes39@bellsouth.net (as of Feb 2004)
Bauer, Randall   D I served as company medic in the Spring and Summer of 71.  I have trouble remembering names but never forgot the events.  I think I remember Baily.  He was the driver whose Proof truck hit a mine, the only other one I remember from Kentucky, he got his hand blown off when a VC threw a grenade in his Road Grader on the road to LZ Young.  I remember that casualty was from Island Kentucky, but like I said the names are all a blur and we had several men get seriously wounded from mines and other attacks.  The site brings back a lot of memories. Randall Bauer, SP5 Medic with D Co, 39th. Savonburg, Kansas.
Bealmer, Morris   D In Company D, 3rd platoon from April 1968 to ?. 

Click here to read Morris' comments in my Guest Book 2003 about Sgt Mike Male.  He made this entry on February 13, 2003.
Barker, ?   D  
Baxter, Jimmy   HHC In Vietnam around 1970.

Photos: 1, 2
Bedford, ?   D  
Bell, Allen   D, A I was assigned to D Co, 39th Eng Bn July, 1971 at Tam Ky.  Later I was assigned to A Co at Chu Lai, then Da Nang. I departed Da Nang in March, 1972.

View Allen's statements over on the Guest Book page, dated 3/4/2012 and 3/21/2012.

E-mail: owlhoot2@verizon.net (As of 3/4/2012)
Bergman   D In Vietname in 1967 & 1968

Photo: 1
Bess, Dennis R St Louis, MO D Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4

E-mail: dcjkbess@charter.net (As of Feb 2013)
Billy, Jimmy   D In Vietnam around 1968 to 1970.

Photo: 1
Bjertness, Sgt   HHC In Vietnam around May 1967 to May of 1968.
Blair, Harvey   D Richard, The 3 photos on the bottom of the page listed as LZ-Baldy Mine Work happened after January 10 and before January 20, 1968.  I was at the sight when it happened.  The Sgt that was burned so bad was Ron Huffman from Bellefountaine, Ohio.  I was wounded at the same place on Jan 20 by a mine and lost my left leg.  I saw Ron Huffman later that year when I was home on leave from Valley Forge General Hospital in PA.  I am Sp/5 Harvey Blair of the 2nd plt of D CO.

Reunion photo: 1
Blanton, Claude Eddy Missouri C He was with C Company, 3rd platoon, 3rd squad. 1967 & 1968.

This name and company information provided by Terry Rossiter.  Photo: 1
Boston, Spc 5   C This name and company information provided by Terry Rossiter.   Photo: 1
Boswell, Leslie Tennessee A I was with 3rd plt, 3rd sqd, 12/67-12/68.
Bottomley, Douglas   D I'm looking for anyone who was stationed at LZ Snoopy and LZ Dottie in 1970.  I was with the 39th Engineer Battalion but do not know what Company.

E-mail address: wallawallaman1948@yahoo.com
Boyle, John     E-mail: d19thdoc@comcast.net
Bradley, Vaughn M   A/HHC I am Vaughn M Bradley (1LT in Vietnam). Served with the 39th at LZ Dottie (A Co),  LZ Bronco (A Co), and Chu Lai (HHC Executive Officer).

September 1969 to August 1970.

Paid a lot of guys all over I Corps.  Hope some will contact me.

As of August 2010 I was living in Columbia, MD

E-mail: ctigerbradley@aol.com
Phone: (301) 335-4733
Brennan, George Astoria, NY D In Vietnam in 1967.
Brown, Bob   A I was with A Company, 3rd plt in 1969 and 1970.

I would like to locate 1st LT Gray and Sgt Willis.

Phone: (254) 770-1084
E-mail: robert2991@att.net , as of April 2015
Brown, Cecil     I was with the 630th Engineers in Vietnam in 1969-'70.  We were attached to the 39th at LZ Goldie for the first 6 months I was in country.  I'm a member of the 39th Reunion organization and would like to attend a reunion after I retire. Take care.
Bruman, David L.   D In D Company from May 1971 till September 1971.
Bryant, Staff Sgt Charles A.   D  
Bryant, David Banks Gladstone, VA   David was with the 39th Engineers, 35th Group, 572nd Engineer Compnay (LE). He was killed in an accident during the constructoin of Port Lane at Vung Ro Bay in August of 1966.

Vietnam Memorial Wall Location: Panel 10E--Line 4

Read the Army Digest article about the constrution of Port Lane. This document also includes a photo of David and a photo of the sign showing a section of road at Port Lane named after David.
Buckley, Richard Hewitt, NJ D Photos: 1, 2, 3
Buford, Major Harry Glenn, US Army Ret   D On January 6, 2004 Major Buford left the following comment in my guest book:

My name is Harry Glenn Buford - I served as 2nd Plt Ldr in D Company 39th from February 1967 to January 1968. Many of the picture sites are familiar to me. In fact many of them were my projects. I remember well the beach, Montezuma and Baldy. I would be interested in hearing from anyone from the company. I will submit all I can remember about our year there. Please put me on your rollcall list. Maj Glenn Buford, USArmy Ret.

Reunion photo: 1

E-mail: buford1960@vallnet.com
Bullock, Charles E   HHC In Vietnam around 1970.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
Burdick, Sgt Frank   D Deceased: November of 2001

Photo: 1
Burger, John Rosedale, NY D Left for home in December of 1967.

Photos: 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5, 6, 7
Burnett, Forest   D In 2010 he was living in Huntington, WV.
Burnett, Roy   B In country during 1966 and 1967.
Butterbaugh, George   HHC Photos: 1, 2, 3
Bright, Jerry   A & HHC In country during 1968 and 1969.
Campbell, General Albert Nolan   D I was in D company 39th from Nov 67 to Nov 68.  Your photos brought back some memories.  I remember the truck at the river hitting the mine and the body going through the air.  I was watching it back up when it hit the mine.  I was just getting ready to eat some peaches and pound cake, my favorite C rations.  The blast filled them full of dirt.  I did without dessert that day. I now live in Rock Island, TN. General was my name not my rank .

Photos: Photo Page
Reunion photo: 1

E-mail: ganc@blomand.net (as of March 2005)
Campos, ?   D  
Cappiello, Rich   C I was in C Company, 39th Engineer Battalion in 1969 & 1970.

E-mail: recappiello@yahoo.com (as of December 2015)
Carlson, Lieutenant Peter John La Crosse, WI D KIA: May 11, 1967

Vietnam Memorial Wall Location:  Panel 19E--Line 89
Cavanaugh, ?   D  
Chapman, Robert   HHC Hq Company 39th Combat Eng Btn 45th Eng Group. Vietnam 1966-1967.  I Was the Btn Maint Sgt.  I'm now retired from the Army and living in AR.

E-mail: b19mag3gie7@artelco.com (as of February 2006)
Clippinger, Henry H. (Clip)   HHC/D I served with the 39TH from  May 5, 67/May 5, 68.  I was with HHC CO.,  but did TDY time with D Co. Dec 67/March 68.  At Tam Key and Baldy.  Drove 5 Ton  dump.
Cocking, James   HHC Photos:1, 2, 3
Cohen, Joe   HHC Photo: 1
Collmeyer, Captain Michael   D As of January 2004 Michael was living in Lake Oswego, OR.
Corbin   HHC In Vietnam in 1970.

Photo: 1
Costillo, Sergeant ?   D  
Crandell, Sgt   HHC Photo: 1
Cristopher, ?   D  
Culp, Bob   HHC In Vietnam in 1970.
Photo: 1
Cunningham, Sean Rhode Island D Photo of Sean in Vietnam.

The following information was provided by General Albert Nolan Campbell:

I just wanted to let everyone know that we lost another 39th. member on November 8, 2006.  And I lost a best friend.  Sean and I became good friends while we were in D Co.  We were in D Co. from Nov. 67 until Nov. 68.  I lost touch with him when we left but I finally found him about two years ago.  He lived in Rhode Island.  I'd been to see him twice.  We kept in touch with each other and I would talk to him about twice a week.  I'm really going to miss him.  When you pray remember his wife Ginny and his daughters.  Here is his wifes email address if any one wants to send her a E-mail:  Ginnyac6@aol.com

He had a heart attack on Monday, November 6, 2006 and passed away Wednesday, November 8. Good bye Sean Cunningham.

Address is: 
149 S. Clarendon
St. Cranston, R.I.

Phone number is: (401)-941-6375.
E-mail: Ginnyac6@aol.com
Dafney, Sergeant ?   D  
Daly, Spc 4 Jimmy Brooklyn, NY D In Vietnam around 1969 and 1970
Damron, Spc 5 Gums   HHC 39th hqco motor pool, chu lai 67 68
Daniel, Bob   HHC/D Medic -  HHC/D, Feb 1967 to Jan 1968.  As of January 2004 he was living in Virginia, IL.

Photos: 1, 2

E-mail: daniel@casscomm.com (as of Oct 2003)
Dedmond, Staff Sergeant Charles   D Possible Photo: 1

I heard in February of 2004 that SSgt Dedmond  passed away on January 21, 1991.
Delaney, Ken     In Vietnam from August 1970 to August 1971. Was in 26th Engineers, Company C. Was a dozer operator 62E20.

See Ken's comments on the Guest Book Page

E-mail: Kenrjr3@icloud.com (as of December 2017)

Demidio Jr, JJ   HHC It took 50yrs but now I also joined the alumni. I was in HHC from Nov66-Nov67, in the S-2 platoon. I am going to my 1st reunion in Nov 2017 with my family.

E-mail: Johndemidio@optonline.net (as of May 2017)

Photo: 1 - (PS: I am on the right!)
Dick, John   D Someone at the Company D Reunion in July 2004 suggested this name for one of the guys in my group photo.

Possible Photo: 1
Dixon, Cecil F Trenton, NJ   Cecil was a member of the 137th Engineering Company (Light Equipment). He was sent to Duc Pho to set up a the rock crushing machine in late June of 1967. On July 4, 1967 he volunteered to go with Company D on their morning mine sweep of highway QL1.

KIA: July 4, 1967

Vietnam Memorial Wall Location: Panel 23E--Line 1

Author John Schlatter has published a book titled, “Died on the Fourth of July”.  This book includes a section about Cecil Dixon.  Click here for more information.

Read the New Jersey newspaper article dated May 27, 2007 about Cecil Dixon on the day he died.
Dizon, Sergeant ?   D  
Dooley, Joe "Dool"   C Hello, my name is Joe Dooley but was known as "Dool".  I was with C Company, 39th from 6/6/67 to 4/27/68.  I served on a hill (can't remember the name ) for a short time and then moved to LZ Dragon for the rest of my time.  My main job was mine sweeping and my weapon of choice was an M-79.  I was Ben Brothers replacement and the day I got there he was killed by a mine about 1 hour before I arrived.  He was set to leave country in a few hours but some dumb ass Lt. sent him out to remove a mine).  I would love to know who gave that order.  I was a member of the 3 platoon /3rd squad.  In my squad was Scotty Smith, Don Hasting, Bill Ray, John Moretti,Dodson, Boston and few I just can't think of their names.  Our sergeant was a guy by the name of Rinney (could be the wrong spelling) and our Lt. Gorthardt.  Our captain in my early time was Kelley followed by Scholl.  I still can smell the odors of Mo Duc and the surrounding area. ( I think that is sometime you will never forget).  I remember missing a mine and our jeep driver Billy Smith was killed along with 2 other soldiers and the only survivor was a Chaplin . They were on the way to Duc Pho to conduct services.  If any one can  help me get in touch with any of the soldiers I served with it would be greatly appreciated.  Though the internet I have made a new friend and his name is Butch Schwoyer who was on LZ Snoppy where he won a Bronze Star with a "V" for valor in connection with the large battle.  Thank you for your site and the opportunity with the possibility to get in touch with some of our soldiers.  If you need any pictures I have a very nice collection.

Warmest regards,
Joe Dooley
Ephrata, PA
Email: jfd850@hotmail.com
Driscoll, Tim   HHC S2HHC March 1968 to November 1968

2004 Reunion photo: 1
2011 Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3

From Bill Ray (March 2, 2014) - It is with great sadness that I write this e-mail informing you of the passing of Tim Driscoll.  For you that may not have known, Tim & Hilda spent the Christmas holidays in San Antonio, TX. with Tim's son. Tim suffered a mild stroke and while recovering from the stroke he developed pneumonia. After being released from the hospital he went to rehab at which time Hilda called to inform me of the situation (this was February 13, 2014).

Read obituary posted in the New York Times on March 4, 2014.
Duffner, Sgt   D In Vietnam in 1967

Photo: 1
Dugan, Sfc   D In Vietnam around 1969 and 1970. Mess sergeant.
Dunham, Aaron West Virginia D Donald George and me were the ones who hit the mine on
April 14, 1967. Remenber alot of those names on your Roll Call page. Hansen, Lopaz, George and me were good pals. We all shipped over from the 31st engineers from Fort Bliss,TX together. I was with the 39th Engineers D Co from January 67 to March 6, 68.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

E-mail: dunhamad@comcast.net (as of January 2013)
Phone: (681) 260-6497 (As of March 2015)
Address: 226 Checko Court, Martinsburg, WV 25401
Edwards, Jimmy   HHC Photo: 1
Elliott, Bruce Captain   A Photo
Elsbury, Randy     I served with the 39th Engineers from 1970 -1971.  I was at Phu-Bai, Hoi-an, Tam Ky, and LZ Dotty for a while.

Lucien Townsell who lives outside of Paducah, KY was also with the 39th.  He was a friend of mine.
Embry, Sgt John   D  
Emery, James   D I served with D Co 39th Eng Bn from Jan 1971 until Feb 72.   I was the company medic.  I am currently living in Canon City, Colorado. I got out of the Army in Dec 1983 and went to work for the federal prison system.  I retired in 1995.
Estrada, Danny (company clerk) California D On January 12, 2004 I heard from Oly Guerra that Danny died of cancer many years ago.

Photos: 1, 2
Eugene, 1st Sgt Julius   D In Vietnam in 1967

Photos: 1, 2
Everest, John A   HHC In Vietnam around 1970.

Photo: 1, 2, 3
Fairburn, Sandy   HHC I was in Hq Company in 1969 at LZ Bronco.

E-mail: gfsf@nu-z.net
Faler, Chuck (White Rabbit)   C I was in 39th, C Company, 8/67- 8/68.  I was known as Rabbit.  The White Rabbit. I was on LZ Snoopy outside of Mo Duc.  We used to hook up with D Company on QL1 mine sweep.  Remember Sniper's Gap?  We swept through it everyday.  
Fisk, Lt   C This name and company information provided by Terry Rossiter.

Photos: 1, 2, 3
Fitts, ?   D  
Fitzgerald, Glenn R. Georgia HHC VietNam Jan 67 / Dec 67. 39th Eng Battalion Headquarters Co S-4.  Enjoyed looking at the site, pics and comments. 

I was in HHC S-4 under Cpt Wheeler.  Would like to find where some of the guys are I served with.

Address: 164 Raby Road Covington, Ga.
E-mail: grfitzgerald@bellsouth.net (as of March 2012)
Fonnest, Bruce W   A 1970 - 1971

2011 Reunion Photos: 1, 2
Foster, Larry Dale Chicago, IL D Photo: 1
Fowler, ?   D  
Frank, Joe   D 1967 - 1968
Fritz, Nicolas Hefer Brentwood, NY D PFC Fritz was driving the 2nd Platoon 3/4 ton on 01 Mar 1968 when he hit a land mine.

Vietnam Memorial Wall Location: Panel 42E Line 016
Franksen, Doug   A/HHC/D Hello & thanks for your 39th web page. For your "Roll Call," my name is Doug Franksen and I served with Co. A HQ from January 68 - 69 on LZ's Dottie (TDY Co D), Ross, Young and Tien Phouc.

Welcome Home!!!

E-mail: dcf727@sti.net

Photos: 1, 2
Gac, Edward   A Served in Company A in 1970 and 1971.

Ed passed away on October 2, 2015 in St John, IN.

Photos - Cam Rhan Bay: 1, 2
Photos - Duc Pho, LZ Bronco: 1
Reunion 2011 Photos: 1, 2, 3
Gannon, Dan    
George, Donald Bourbon, MO D I went from Ft. Bliss Texas to Vietnam Jan.1967-Jan.1968. I was with the 39th Combat Eng., Headquaters Platoon, Company D.

When I first went to Nam, I drove the Mess truck then transfered to heavy equitment mostly running a dozer.

I now live in Missouri, Lake Of the Ozarks.

Photo: 1

E-mail: dgeorgvw6768@yahoo.com
Gianesini, Pete   C/HHC I am one of the "old Men" from the 39th during its Vietnam Service.  Left from Fort Campbell in Dec. '65.  Served from August '64 till July '66.  Started with C Co. as a platoon leader.  Upon arrival at Cam Ranh Bay I was XO of Hq.Co.  Became CO for a while when Richard Hill rotated back, then Recon Officer in S-2.  Was with Lt. Col. Lane when he was fatally wounded during helicopter near Vung Ro Bay, south of Tuy Hoa in Phu Yen Province.

E-mail: pgianesinisr@aol.com
Gillembach, ?   D  
Glass, Stephen P   HHC In Vietnam around 1970.

Photo: 1
Glover, Donald P   HHC In Vietnam around 1970.

Photos: 1, 2
Godsey, Gary   D In Vietnam: 1967 - 1968

Gary passed away on December 2, 2008. Below is a link to a tribute page to Gary.

Gordon, ?   D  
Goth, Dick   C/HHC My tour with the 39th was from Feb thru Sep in charge of 1st and 2nd Platoon of C Company building the road over the top of Hai Van Pass - then moved to 45th Group Hdqtrs, as the S2 / S5 officer - spent some short but wonderful time in Chu Lai.
Graves, Stanley   HHC Hello, I’m Stanley Graves. I was in Chu Lai April 1970 to March 1971. I was in the headquarters company and worked in the motor pool as a mechanic. My home is in Olney Texas. I enjoyed being over there.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Phone: (940) 564-5966
E-mail: forever-stan@hotmail.com
Gray, Jimmy   D  
Griffin, ? Detroit, MI C This name and company information provided by Terry Rossiter.  Photo: 1
Grimm, Fred     I am Fred Grimm and served with the 39th Engineers on LZ Dottie from April 1969 to August 1969 when I was wounded along with Bob Griffin. I was wounded after spending only 4 months in country and feel so blessed that I survived that Aug 12th evening attack. Just last year, 2011 I got a call from my company commander LTC Bruce Haigh. He told me about the attack and that a great bunch of engineers fought off VC and NVA troops who wanted the big guns that recently arrived on the LZ.

I have had the opportunity to go back to Vietnam 11 times in the past 11 years. So, now, I finally have my one year of service in. Went to LZ Dottie and found the bunker where I was wounded. What a feeling that brought.

I will be going back to Vietnam again on Jan. 17th, 2013 and would love to have any 39th Veteran join me. I am part of a group out of Toledo, Ohio that helps the less fortunate in Vietnam. Visit our website at: www.dovefund.org

Peace and love to all of you, and thank you for serving. Welcome home!

Fred Grimm
E-mail: FCG302@aol.com
Gregory, James W. Ohio   I served in the 18th Brigade, 553rd Eng. Co., 577 Eng. Bat, 586 Eng. Co.and 39th Engineers. I drove the truck over the bridge at the attack on Tuy Hoa in Aug. 1967.  I was in Vietnam from 1967-1968.  If anyone remembers me, please email me.

E-mail: carolyngregory838@msn.com
Grube, Mark     I was an air traffic controller at Duc Pho from 69 to 71. Your photos bring back many memories.

E-mail:  mgrube@comcast.net
Gruber, Jim   HHC In country during 1969 and 1970

HHC, Surveyor, Phu Bai
Gruber, Bob W     I was Spec 5.  Chu Lai was base but spent most of time on LZ Goldie after building it.  Was heavy equipment operator but was the minesweeper/prober daily on QL1 also.  Went to LZ Snoopy for awhile and pulled guard duty after they were attacked and penetrated.
Guarro, Tom   HHC In 2015 he was living in Florida.

Photo: 1, 2
Guerra, Oscar "Oly" California D In country from Jan 1967 to Jan 1968.

On January 12, 2004. Oly left the following comments in  my Guestbook:

Thanks for all your efforts, and hope a reunion is in the making. Thanks, Oly.

My address is:
2424 Swallow Lane,
Palmdale,Ca  93550. 
Home: (661) 510-8852, 
Fax: (661) 274-7816. 
E-mail:  pam-n-oly@juno.com

Reunion photo: 1

[Thanks Oly and thanks for correcting my poor spelling of your name.]
Hall, Jim California    
Hall, Sgt   D Worked in motor pool in 1967 and possibly into 1968.

Photo: 1
Hall, ?   D,A Transferred from Company D to Company A in August of 1967.
Hamilton, Spc 4   D Worked in motor pool in 1967 and possibly into 1968.

Photo: 1
Hampton, William Lee   D My name is William Lee Hampton (Bill). I served in the 39th, Company D, 1st Platoon. Sgt. South was the squad leader. Was in Vietnam January 1967 to January 1968.  Currently lives in Rutherfordton, NC. 

Phone:  (828) 287-2368   
E-mail: sweetpea@rfic.net  

[Above information received in February of 2004.]
Hanson, Merlin   HQ Merlin was in HQ platoon.  Read Merlin's comment about the truck outside the motor pool at LZ Bronco (Duc Pho).

Possible photo: 1
Harley, Thomas     In January of 2004 he was living in Palmdale, FL.
Harrell, Charles   D In February 2004 he was living in Fayetteville, NC.

Reunioin photos: 1, 2, 3
Harris, James (Jim) A.   C I was with the 39TH,  Charlie Company in 1968 -69.  I arrived on February 28th at LZ Dragon.

E-mail: jharris@cityofclemson.org
Hayes, John   D 1966 - 1967
Heacock, Gregg New Jersey D Now living in Willis, Texas.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
See Gregg's Photo Page Index

E-mail: gregheacock@suddenlink.net

12625 Antares Dr.
Willis, TX 77318
Phone: (870) 321-2551
Helser, Gale     2011 Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3
Hernandez, Jose   D  
Hickock, Bill      
Hilbelink, Orlan     As of February 2004 living in Sheboygan, WI.

Photo: 1
Reunion photo: 1
Hill, David West Liberty, KY A In Company A.
Hitton, ?      
Hohn, Robert   D,A Transferred from Company D to Company A in August of 1967. In January of 2004 he was living in Denver, CO.

Reunion photo: 1
Holbert, Robert   HHC? Here is a note from Monica who is looking for Robert Holbert-

Hello My name is Monica.
My Husband just learned who is Father is and now we are looking for him.  His name is Robert Holbert and we know he was in the Army.  He met my husband's Mom while he was in the army.  It had to be Jan. 1966.  If you are here Mr. Holbert, I would like to tell you your son just learned who you are and is looking for you and hoping to one day meet you and let you meet his family.  His name is Jeff .  We have 3 kids.  Two boys ages 6 and 3 and one girl.  She is 7 months old.

If anyone knows him and knows how to get in touch with him please let him know about this message.

Thank You,

Monica's e-mail: valdez5@bellsouth.net
Holland, Dick   D I was in "D" Company in "68" and into "69".
Holt, Robert A, Spc 4   D I was with D Co from Feb to May of 71 based on the hill near the My Lai bridge site. I think it was called NoName. I remember SP5 Hornbuckle, Pfc Gobel and SSG Male who flew the Maple Leaf over the bunker.

I live in Bothell, WA and am still working.

E-mail: Robert.A.Holt-NR@raytheon.com
Huffman, Ron Sgt Bellefontaine, Ohio D See Harvey Blair's comments above about Ron.
Hylton, Lewis Greenville, OH D Operated front-end loader, Cat D-6 and drove dump trucks.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

In 2010 he was living in Piqua, OH.
Ivey, David   HHC David was in Vietnam around 1970 and worked in land clearing. His friend Jimmy Edwards reports that David has passed away after a battle with cancer.

Photo: 1
James, Stephen J. Stephen's son Jason is trying locate anyone that might have served with his dad in Vietnam. Jason thinks his dad was in Vietnam from 1967 to 1969 and served with the 39th Engineers. Stephen passed away in February of 1999.

If you can help Jason please contact him at one of the following e-mail addresses:

E-mail: jojames3776@gmail.com
E-mail: nerokurtz@msn.com

Jenkins, Leroy Buford, SC D,A Transferred from Company D to Company A in August of 1967.

In January of 2010 he was living in Beaufort, SC.
Photo: 1, 2
Jennings, RL   ? Do you remember RL Jennings?

He served during 1967/1968. I think he was with 39th Engineer Company but don't know if it is A or C or D.  He died two years ago in July but he loved the Army and would rarely talk about it.

Beverly Jennings Simmons
E-mail: poodlecat1962@icloud.com
Jernigan, Bill Miami, FL C I was with C Co from Oct 68 to Oct 69.  I was from Miami Florida and played guitar and sang all the Bob Dylan tunes.  I taught a few guys how to play guitar. Arrived in country at Snoopy and was there during the siege.  I kept the 50 cal and was a demo man.  I was slightly wounded in an ambush on QL1 where several guys were hit bad and one or two were killed.  I have some great photos that I will send along.  Remember Red Hill?  You could see the burned up APC that had been left behind. Christmas 68 in Snipers gap.  The arch that Charlie built across the road with goldfish in plastic bags and the NVA in their new uniforms standing in the rice paddy waving at us on their way to Red Hill?
Johnson, Tom Deham, Mass HHC Photo: 1, 2
Johnson, Wade   D I was fortunate enough, to have served,  with the Thirty-Ninth, from Jan. 1967 to Jan of 1968 ( Co. " D " ) . I was one of those from the 36th. Engineer Battalion,  from Ft. Bliss, Texas that shipped over as a battalion.  To relieve and replace, some of those, that may have still been around.  And came to be, in country, from Ft. Campbell, Ky.

Operated front-end loader, Cat D-6 and drove dump trucks.

Photos: 1 ,2 

Wade was living in Hamilton, OH as of 2010.
E-mail: runnonmt@earthlink.net
Jones, Norman Beaufort, SC HHC I was in HHC of the 39th from December 1969 to February 1971.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Kane, Bill   HHC I am SP5 Bill Kane, head clerk, S3, 45th Engineer Group, Phu Bai from March 1969 to March 1970. See Bill's comment on the Guest Book page, dated September 7, 2014.

Click here for Bill's web site and photos.

E-mail: wfkane47@gmail.com
Kavinsky, T.   HHC 39th Engr HHC LCT Chu Lai.
Kendrick, James B Near Gaineville, FL C I was in C Company from May 1967 to May of 1968.  I was in the commo section.

Home phone: (352) 485-1635
Cell phone: (352) 394-5195
Kimbrough, ?   D  
King, ?   D  
Knot, Lieutenant ?   D  
Kristensen, Peter Cleveland, OH HHC Served in Viet Nam from March 1967 to July 1968 at HHC 39th Eng Bn in Chu Lai. Was heavy eq op. Mostly ran road graders. Did do time both at Mo Duc and Duc Pho building the LZ and road to those places. Don't remember names so if anyone remembers me would love to hear from them. I live in N Royalton, OH now but lived in Cleveland area all my life.

E-mail: plk63@yahoo.com
Lanphier, Sergeant Arlen Wahiawa, Hawaii D Deceased - stroke

See Army Newspaper article and photo about Sgt Lanphier.
Lanham, James Robert South Carolina D  
Larson, Stan W     I was a medic stationed at LZ Bronco from Mar 68 to Mar 69 with the 11 LIB.  I spent my entire tour serving as a medic at the Clearing Aid Station.

E-mail: docstanwlarson@aol.com
Legg, Lieutenant   D In Vietnam in 1967 and 1968.
Lehman, Bob   A I was with Company A, 39th. in Tuy Hoa ,Tuy An, Duc Pho and finally Mo Muc. From Sept. 66 to Sept. 67.  Sorry to say I can not recall one man's name in that unit.  Does anyone remember the aqua-duc on highway 7 we made into a bridge?
Lester, Walter   C In Vietnam in 1970 and 1971.
Lewis, John R.   D,C I was 3rd platoon leader D Company 39th Engineer Battalion January to July of 1971. Improved road from Tam Ky to Thien Phuoc. I also was the field XO or platoon leader for all three platoons of C company Aug to Oct 1971. At My Lai we built a road around the Batangan Peninsula which was just north of Quang Nai.

My E mail is:  lewisjohn@insightbb.com
E-mail address updated Jan 2, 2011.
Reunion 2011 photo: 1

Click here to read John's statement about his time in Vietnam.

I am now the chief of a volunteer fire dept and I am using the departments address.
Lindsey, George   HHC In Vietnam in 1970.

Photos: 1, 2, 3
Logan, Dale   D I was in Vietnam from 4-1967 TO 1-1968 with D CO 39TH ENGR BN.

In May of 2004 Dale was living in Ottawa, OH. at 308 Hidden Timbers Drive.

Reunion photo: 1

Home phone: (419) 523-3020.
E-mail is: dalejanlogan@aol.com
Long, Jim   D,HHC I served with 39th from Jan 1967 to Jan1968. I came over with the 31ST Engineer Battalion from Ft.Bliss.  I was in D Co then and was later transferred to HHC.  I live at 2210 W. Front St., Berwick Pa., 18603.

Home phone:(570) 759-0409
Lopez, Jose Detroit, MI D Photo: 1.  That's Jose riding shotgun on the dozer in the photo.

Photo: 2
Losee, Leon   D I was in country from Dec. of 67 to Dec. of 68, Company D, 39th Eng. I was on LZ baldy. I was the one who replaced Nickolas Fritz when his truck hit the land mine. Looking at some of the pictures bring back a lot of memories. I now live in South Jordan, Utah. I'm just wondering what ever happened to a lot of my friends.

E-mail is: leonlosee@icloud.com (as of April 2017)
Lynch, Jerry   D Photo: 1
Mack, Alfred 1st Lieutenant   A Photo
Male, Sergeant Mike Canada D Vietnam photo: 1
2004 Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
2011 Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3, 4

In January of 2004 he was living in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Click here to read Morris Bealmer's comments in my Guest Book about Mike.  He made this entry on February 13, 2003.
Manring, Harry   D In 2010 he was living in Hamden, OH.
Marcellis, Peter S   HHC In Vietnam in 1970.

Photo: 1, 2
Marini, Lou   HHC In country during 1969 and 1970.

HHC, Unit photographer, Phu Bai
Martinez, Sergeant ?   D  
Mason, Phil   D In Vietnam in 1967 and 1968.
Matthews, Ronald   D In February of 2010 he was living in Round Lake Beach, IL.

Reunion photo: 1
May, Jeff  Jr   D,A In D Company from February to August of 1967 and then transferred to A Company.  While in D Company Jeff was in 1st platoon, Sgt South's squad.

Jeff lived in Dingess, WV. On January 28, 2017 Jeff passed away. Here is the obituary.
Photo: 1
Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3

E-mail: KarM973@aol.com (as of November 2006)
Mayher, Ray   D In Vietnam around 1968 to 1970.

Photo: 1
Mayer, Sgt Wolfgang (James)   D Photos: 1, 2
Mayes, Richard B Louisville, KY D In country from March 1967 till February 1968

Vietnam photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
2004 Reunion photos: 1, 2
2011 Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3

Richard now lives in Louisville, Kentucky (as of August 2014)
E-mail: rbm39d@twc.com (As of August 2014)
McBride, Mac   HHC Was in HHC Chu Lai May 1971 until the end of year then on to Long Binh.  I remember Mike Corbett, John Maino, Marshall Watchinski (Ski), Pat Cronin, that's about all.  Ski and I still keep in touch. That was some time wasn't it.

E-mail: z9t4mac@yhhoo
McCann, Phillip   D In Vietnam in 1967 and 1968.
McCurry, James   D Left for home in April of 1967.  As of February 2010 he was living in Green Mountain, NC.
McNamara, Peter   D In Vietnam in 1967 & 1968

Photo: 1
Menninhall, ?   D  
Merrill, ?   D  
Metzler, Dwight California D  
Michelson   D Terry Rossiter provided this name and company information.

Photo: 1
Mijan, Mike   D Photos: 1, 2, 3
Miller, Mike   C  
Miller, Warren   Warren was in the 18th Engineers in 1968, 1969 and 1970 before being wounded and honorably discharged.
Milligan, Sidney Baxter, Iowa HHC In Vietnam in 1970.

Photo: 1, 2, 3
Mills, 1st Sgt   D Photo: 1
Miola, Pat New Jersey D I was with D Company from January 69 to March 70.  Lz Baldy, Lz Goldie, Chu Lai.  I am originally from Jersey but now from Northeast Pa.  Served with Greg LaMonda, Tony Mays, Joey Moyer, Bob Stokes.  Anybody still out there that remembers me?

E-mail: fritzer@hotmail.com (as of Nov 2004)
Mitchell, Mike   A I was in A Company, 39th Engineers from Jan 1971 to July 1971 on LZ Dottie, drove a 10 Ton, ran a Dozer. Does the name (The Machine ) ring a bell?

E-mail: craneswork@yahoo.com (as of January 2011)
Mitchell, Paul Milford, MI C The following information was provided by Paul's son Jeff -

"My father was Paul Mitchell and was in Duc Pho at LZ Snoopy from the fall of '68 until sometime in 1969. My dad passed away in 2004. He developed a form of leukemia that has been linked to agent orange exposure."

Photos of Paul: 1, 2, 3, 4
Monroe, Rodger D   HHC In Vietnam around 1970.

Photo: 1
Moody, Julius C. Rockmart, GA D In country from March 1, 1967 till Feb 13, 1968

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Photo Page
2004 Reunion Photo: 1
2005 Reunion Photo: 1
2011 Reunion Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

In 2010 he was living in Rockmart, GA.

E-mail: pfmoody@aol.com (as of Oct 2011)
Moore, Booker T.   D Deceased
Morris Jr., Lawrence   B In Vietnam in late 1967 to 1968. Started in Company B and later transferred to 26th Engineers Americal.

E-mail: lkmmorris@msn.com (as of Jaunary 2017)
Mullins, Sgt.   D In Vietnam in 1967 and 1968.
Murphy, ?   D  
Murr, ?   D Transferred from Company D to Company A in August of 1967.
Musick, Gary Dodge City, KS D As of January 2010 he was still living in Dodge City, KS.

2004 Reunion photos: 1, 2
2011 Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Nagy, Sgt   D Vietnam Photo: 1
Nelson, Henry     As of February 2010 he was living in Cederburg, WI.

Reunion photos: 1, 2
Neubauer, Roger   D 1967 - 1968
Newman, Doc L   C&A I was the medic assigned to C and A companies from Dec 1967 to Dec 1968.  Was at Baldy, Ross, Snoopy, Hue and others I can't remember at this moment.

E-mail: maeloni@aol.com (as of March 2004)
Nolf, Michael H   B Tour of duty from approximately September 1970 till October 1971. I was assigned to the 39th Engineers, B Company. The tour was long, hot and wet and I got malaria. I was in the base hospital in Chu Lai for a few weeks and then back to the LZ to complete my assignments building road 522 and 521, mine sweeping and doing guard duty. Just putting in my time. I couldn’t wait to get home. I was just 17 and a RA. I joined up so my brother didn’t get drafted. He was supporting my family. My mother signed the papers because I wasn’t 18 yet and was assured I wouldn’t get deployed till then. Well you know as soon as I turned 18 I was on my way. I am currently retired from the US Steel Company and from the Pittsburgh Fire Department. I currently live in Pittsburg, PA.

E-mail: tnolf@comcast.net (as of July 2017)
Norwalk, Phil   D In Vietnam around 1968 to 1970.

Photo: 1
O'Brien, ?   D  
Oleksa, Christopher James Port Huron, MI D KIA: May 11, 1967

Vietnam Memorial Wall Location: Panel 19E--Line 91
Overton, Anthony A.   D I was in D Company in 1966-67.

Phone: (770) 885-5221
Fax: (678) 653-946?
E-mail: Anthony.overton@processingsolution.com
O'Quinn, Herbert South Carolina D In 2010 he was living in Bluffton, SC.
Parker, ?   D  
Parker, Buck     I was assigned to the 39th in late Feb. or Mar. of 71. Like Baily my memory of the time is sketchy at best. While we worked on the road to Tien Phuoc we had a guy we called "Reb" that had his hand blown off by VC grenade while operating a grader. Also I remember a guy that ran over a mine with a scraper. This guy was later awarded the Purple Heart. On the steep hill we set up a camp overlooking My Lai later that summer. Not really sure as names escape me. I do remember Edward Pugh, a buck sgt. at that time. Larry Hemphill a Spec5. and John Brown a Spec4. I met these guys at Tam Ky. John Brown drove a 5 ton and was from Charleston, SC. I believe. I do remember Mac McBride as he arrived a few days after I had at Tam Ky. He was dubbed "Cruit" and was still called "Cruit" when we processed out of country together from Long Binh. Ski (Marshall Watchinski) and Mac rebuilt the engine in my 280 after I blew it up on the road built by My Lai. They did a great job and had it rebuilt in record time. They were top hands at their job.

Buck Parker
E-mail: buckcp@bresnan.net
Pater, Spc 5   HHC Photo: 1
Patrick, Stanley South Carolina D  
Patterson, ?   D Company clerk
Pearson, Harold E North Kansas City, MO D I was in D Co, 39th Eng. Bn, for about three weeks.  About Easter 1968 we moved to Chu Lai.  I was supply sergeant, D Co., 39th Eng. Bn from 30 Jan 1968 to 25 Jul 1968.  After that I was with the 27th Eng. Bn. at Camp Eagle, which was at Gia Le, our project was the A Shau Expressway (QL547 & QL548).

I now live near Lathrop, MO. 
E-mail: hpearson1942@yahoo.com (as of 6-22-2013)

Vietnam Photos: 1, 2
Harold's Photos page
2011 Reunion Photos: 1, 2
Pease, Thomas   D Photo: 1
Perches, Lou   HHC, D I was with the 39th Combat Engr Battalion from July 67- July 68. I was with HHC working in personal as a finance clerk until Jan 68 when I was Transferred to D Co. who was moved to establish LZ Dottie.

People I remember:
HHC - David Shaw, John Jordan
D Company - Steve Sokol, Steve Carlson

E-mail:louperches@me.com (as of February 2017)
Peters, Don   D In Vietnam around 1968 to 1970.

Photo: 1
Petterson, Dennis   D As of 2010 he was living in Norway, MI.
Petty, ?   D  
Philbee, Mike   D In 3rd platoon, 3rd squad during November 1967 through November 1968. If you would like to contact Mike you can e-mail his daughter Heather at e-mail - heather.philbee@gmail.com
Phillips Jr, John (Jack) H. Wheeling, WV D As of 2010 John  was living in Wheeling, WV.

Phone: (304) 242-5165 (as of Sept 2004)

Photos: 1, 2, 3
Pifer, Ronald   D As of January 2004 Ron was living in Remington, VA.

Reunion photos: 1, 2
Pickett, Austin (CSM Ret)   B,A 1SG, Company B, Aug to Dec 1970

1SG, Company A, Jan to Aug 1971
Pollard, Jim   D Photo: 1
Powers, Donald Kentucky D Your pictures brought back things I had forgotten.  I think I went over with you in Feb.  I drove a dump for a while. Then I drove the gun-jeep in a couple of your pictures.  I left New Years Day of 1968.  Thanks again. 

Donald Powers,
1295 Adair Rd.,
Lewisport,  Ky, 42351
E-mail: djpowers@tds.net

Reunion photo: 1, 2
Powell   D Photo: 1
Powell Jr., Clarence Lima, OH D Clarence passed  away on January 30, 2006.  He was 59 years of age and was in Co. D., 39th Engineer Battalion 1967-1968. He was living in Lima, Ohio. Funeral was at Jones-Clark Funeral home.   
Prather, Sgt   HHC In Vietnam around 1970 and worked in the motor pool.

Photos: 1, 2
Ray, William L. (Bill)   C
39th CBT Engr, Charlie Co., 3rd Platoon, 3rd Squad/1967-1968.

See Bill's comments on the Guest Book Page, dated November 29, 2005.
2011 Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3

E-mail: rayca@sbcglobal.net (as of Dec 2005)
Riley, Sergeant ?   D  
Robby   A Company A Supply

Photo: 1
Robey, Richard Neal Spencerville, OH D KIA: July 4, 1967

Vietnam Memorial Wall Location: 23E--Line 7

Photo: 1

Read Lt. Shamblen's comments about Richard on the day he died in Vietnam: Read

Author John Schlatter has published a book titled, “Died on the Fourth of July”.  This book includes a section about Richard Robey.  Click here for more information.

Read the New Jersey newspaper article dated May 27, 2007 about Richard Robey on the day he died.
Robinson, Warrant Officer CW4   HHC Photo: 1, 2
Rossiter, Terry Detroit, MI C I was with 39th Engineers C Company, 3rd platoon, 3rd squad, from Nov. 67 to Nov. 68.  Served at LZ Dragon, LZ Snoopy, and Duc Pho while we resurfaced the runway.  Sp5 Boston, and Sgt Butch Sayer, were squad leaders.  Started out as a line guy sweeping in the morning and working on roads in afternoon, also drove 5-ton dump truck and jeep for a while.

E-mail: Trossiter@live.com
Terry's photo page
Photo: 1
Rothgeb, JD   D He was living in Luray, VA. prior to hs passing on January 20, 2010.
Rowland, Vaughn   D As of February 2010 he was living in Brunswick, GA.

Vietnam Photos: 1, 2, 3
Reunion photo: 1

I went over from Fort Bliss. I wound up as commo chief working with Booker T. Moore, Phillips, McNamara.  I left country in January of 1968.

E-mail: vaughn.rowland@comcast.net
Rudy, Nick   C I was at Mo Duc from January 1968 through July 31, 1968. I remember "Sniper's Gap" and doing mine sweeps everyday along Highway QL1.
Rumple, Vern   D In February 2010 he was living in Swayzee, IN.

Reunion photos: 1, 2
Rushton, ?   D  
Ruttman, John   A Company A, Dec 1967 to Dec 1968
Ryan, Randy   D In Vietnam around 1968 to 1970.

Photo: 1
Santoro, Louis New York D  
Sapp, Sergeant ?   D  
Schmitz, Richard Chicago, IL D Photos: 1, 2
Schuler, Steve   HHC I was assigned to HHC 39th Engineer Battalion from Feb 69 to Sep 70.  I was assigned to the Heavy Equipment Platoon (Heavy Junk) and spent a lot of time assigned with B and C companies south of Chu Lai.  Is there any type of personnel roster and current names of guys that were assigned to the unit during that time period?

E-mail: schuler1063@bbtel.com (as of Feb 2005)
Schwede, John   B Company B, 1970 and 1971.
Severson, Will   D Curiosity had me surfing the net as kids at school were asking me about being in Viet Nam.  I was with Company D during 1970 and 1971.  I was at Tam Ky, keeping the road open to Tien Phuoc.
Shaky, ?   D  
Shamblen, 1st Lieutenant Jim   D,HHC Company D XO till Nov 1967

Read Lt. Shamblen's comments about Richard N. Robey on the day Richard died in Vietnam: Read

Vietnam Photos: 1, 2
2004 Reunion Photos: 1, 2
2011 Reunion Photos: 1, 2, 3
2016 Reunion: Photo . Jim was presented with the "Blue Bull of the Year Award" at the Memorial Dinner during the 2016 reunion in Plano, TX.

In January of 2010 Jim was living in Hampton, VA.
Sharpe, Terrey New Jersey D In 2010 he was living in Chesapeake Beach, MD.

Photo: 1
Shellby, ?   D In D Company around 1967 and 1968.
Silvernale, Hugh   B,HQ 2Lt, 2/B/39EB(Cbt), Tuy Hoa, Nov66; XO B/39 Feb67; 39Bn Mtr Off, Chu Lai Sep67; DEROS Dec67.

Second verse: Cpt, HQ18En Bde, Cam Rhan Dec70, LOC Off; S3, HQ/39EB, Apr71; DEROS Dec71. 

E-mail: snale4315@yahoo.com (as of Jan 2004)
Singletary, Neely James Philadelphia, PA D KIA: May 11, 1967

Vietnam Memorial Wall Location: Panel 19E--Line 91
Skok, ?   D  
Smith, Calvin F   HHC In Vietnam in 1970.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
Smith, Geoff   D Photo: 1
Smith, Walt   HHC I was a mechanic in Headquarters company my entire time. I was there May of '66 to May of '67. I currently reside in Schenectady, NY.

E-mail: smithw807@verizon.net (as of December 2013)
South, Sgt Max   D 1st platoon leader, D Company
Spates, Harry B Clinton, NC D I was in D Co from October 1970 to October 1971.

In April of 2010 my address was: 80 Vineyard Road, Clinton, NC, 28328.

Phone: (910) 564-6797
E-mail: harry8spates@yahoo.com (as of April 2010)
Spellman, Michael Louisville, KY D In February of 2010 he was still living in Louisville, KY.

Reunion photo: 1
Sprouse, Billy   HHC In Vietnam in 1970.

Photos: 1, 2
Stark, Glenn A   HHC In Vietnam in 1970.

Photo: 1, 2
Starkel, Bob Ronan, Montana HHC In Vietnam in 1970.

Photo: 1
Stecklein, ?   D  
Steenburn, Carl Jamestown, NY HHC Photo: 1, 2
Stentain, ?   D  
Stentzen, ?   D  
Stewart, Ronald   D Wounded July 4, 1967. Passed away in 1983.
Stubblefield, David   D In January of 2010 he was living in Morristown, TN.

On September 4, 2015 I received this message from Randy West -

"On Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015, David Stubblefield was killed in a plane crash with his brother in NC. They lived in Morristown TN."

Read the story from TV station Read obituary.

Vietnam Photos: 1, 2, 3
2005 Reunion photo: 1
2010 Reunion photo: 1
2011 Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3
Stutler, W. D.   HHC,D,A I was with the 39th from  8/68 to 8/69. HHC at Chu Lai and at LZ Goldie, which was south of Quang Nai and north of Snoopy. Units at Goldie, D Co 39, A Co 39, Heavy Equip Plt, HHC.
Swander,  Allen   D,A Transferred  from Company D to Company A in August of 1967.

2004 Reunion photos: 1, 2

In 2010 Allen was living in Greensprings, OH.
Swick, Harvey Vincennes, IN HHC I was there from September of 1967 to September of 1968.  I was with HHC as a jeep driver and radio operator at Chu Lai and near Chu Lai.

340 Shane
Vincennes, IN  47591
Phone: (812) 887-1892
E-mail: hk.swick@yahoo.com (as of May 2010)
Sheperd, Dale (Doc)      
Tanner, 1st Lieutenant   D Company D XO, Nov 1967 to 1968
Taylor, Sgt   C Photo: 1
Taylor, Butch Sgt   C This name and company information provided by Terry Rossiter. 

Photo: 1
Taylor, Clarence   D As of 2010 he was living in Kingsport, TN.

2005 Reunion photo: 1

E-mail: crt2@chartertn.net (As of July 2004)
Teague, Benny Texas, Waco D  
Thomas, George W. (Grub Worm)   B In Country from May 1967 to May 1968.

I Have a site at YAHOO Groups listed as 39THENGINEERBATTALION: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/39THENGINEERBATTALION/ 

Passed away on March 4, 2006
Thomas, Harley   D In 2010 he was living in Palmdale, FL.
Thompson, Richard   D,A Transferred from Company D to Company A in August of 1967.

In 2010 he was living in Browntown, WI.
Phone: (608) 293-0022
Thorp, Gary   A Hi,  I was in Company A, 39th Eng. from 68-69.  I live in Homewood, IL (by Chicago). I was in Chi Lai, LZ Young and LZ Goldie.  I have been looking for a map that shows the LZ's on them.  The one you had was a start.  Thank You.  If you have other maps of LZ's I would be interested. 

My home address is: 1021 W. 187th St. in Homewood, IL, 60430 or I have a Fax: (312) 322-6592. 

Thanks again nice talking to you.
Tinsley, Holsey 1st Sgt   A Jerry Bright informed me about the passing of Sergeant Major Tinsley. He died on April 8, 2004. Jerry remembered this about Mr. Tinsley, "This guy was 1SG of Co A forever. I think he began his 3rd Vietnam tour in 1968."

Here is obituary.

Todalen, Al   A I served with A Company 1969-1970 at Chu Lai, LZ Goldie, LZ Snoopy and LZ Bronco. My MOS was 63B vehicle mechanic but I did everything from changing brake pads to operating compressor on the work site and driving low-boy. I presently live in Spokane, WA.


Photos of Al: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Here are links to some of Al's photos: If you were in these areas in Vietnam in 1969 and 1970 some of the scenes in these photos may look familiar to you:

Chu Lai
LZ Goldie
LZ Snoopy
LZ Bronco
Song Go Ma River
Song Ve River

Ton, Lt Col   HHC Photo: 1
Tovar, Alfredo   C This name and company information provided by Terry Rossiter. 

Photos: 1, 2
Townsell, Lucian Kentucky D

In August of 2010 I got an e-mail from Lucian's oldest son.  Lucian doesn't have e-mail but his son said you can e-mail him and he will pass it along to his dad. 

Lucian now lives in Providence, KY.

Lucian's son's e-mail as of August 2010 is: ltownsell@hotmail.com

Here is Lucian's  telephone number as of August 2010 -
(270) 667-9348

Travis, Captain Charles B   D D Company Commander, July 1967 to January 1968

Photos: 1, 2
Troesch Jr., Command Sgt Major Orville W. (Buck), retired   A Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Orville W. Troesch, Jr. "Buck".  I served twice in the 39th, my first time was September 1969-September 1970, as 3d Platoon Sergeant, Company A, at Chu Lai, LZ Max, LZ Snoopy, LZ Bronco, LZ Dottie, NDP No Name.  My platoon Leader was 1Lt. Alfred E. Mack, Company Commander, Captain Elliott, and First Sergeant Holsey Tinsley.
  Among other things we were detailed as infantry to provide security for the 630th Light Equipment Company who was installing 60" culverts in QL1.  We repaired the bridge hit by artillery strikes at Song Go Ma River and built a complete new bridge at Song Ve.  In between times we performed mine sweep operations for the 6th Infantry Brigade and convoy security from Chu Lai to Quang Nhi.  Later in my Army career I served as First Sergeant, A Company and Headquarters and Headquarters Company at Fort Devens, MA. This tour began in 1974-1976.
  Thanks for constructing the site, it is good to know the efforts of the men who served in the 39th war or peace are being captured and chronicled. 

Orville W Troesch - Photo
Group Photo - Photo
View of LZ Snoopy - Photo
3rd Platoon "Dirty Third" - Photo

Turner, Don Union, KY D 5 ton driver in Company D's 1st Platoon.

In 2010 Don was living in Union, KY.

Phone: (859) 384-3813
Vickers, ?     Left for home in October of 1967
Wahl, Harry   D I was in the 39th Delta company. Went to Baldy in Sept 68, left in March 70. Went from Baldy to Dottie, built Goldie, did a lot of work on Snoopy. Mayher and I ran the dozer over that mine field just to stop the stink.

Photo: 1

E-mail: Harrywahl@cfl.rr.com
Walsh, Captain Marty   D I retired in 1987 as a Colonel.  As you probably know, my favorite rank was Captain.  Commanding B/31st and D/39th were my hardest and best tasks ever. 

"It was my honor and privilege to be our great men's Company Commander when we formed B Co, 31st Engineer Bn (Combat) getting ready at Ft Bliss from June 1966 onward, then as Packet B crossing the Pacific on the Barrett, and, until August 1967, in the tough missions of Viet Nam where we were the best - D/39th EBC.  Never, before or after, have I served with or even seen such a fine, capable, cohesive and brave group of men, such proven veteran NCOs and our many humbling, astounding brand new NCOs, led by our terrific XO and platoon leaders.  Thank you all.  Hoping to see each and all of you soon."

For contact info, let me give you a list: I'd welcome any calls at my home #s, please first: use 800.201.7388, code 8438; then, if necessary, fall back to 410.461.4624.

Vietnam Photos: 1, 2

2004 Reunion photos: 1, 2, 3
2005 Reunion photo: 1
2011 Reunion photos: 1, 2

My home address is 3217 Woodstream Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042. My office # is 301.670.3303

Home e-mail address is:  mwwalshjr@aol.com

I'm working for URS Corporation in the Gaithersburg, MD office.

E-mail: marty_walsh@urscorp.com
Warren, Jack W. Sr.   A In Vietnam from October 1968 to October 1969. I was a backup truck driver and mine sweeper. Remember those fun day.

E-mail: jwarrensr1@gmail.com (as of September 2017)
Warren, Ray   A In A Co, 39th Eng Oct 68-69.  I got information from Robert Gruber.  We were in Nam same time.
Waters, Gaylon   D 1967 - 1968
Watford, James M.(Mickey)   HHC I was in Phu Bai, HHC, 45th Engineer Group (surveyor), Nov. 68 to Nov. 69.  I now live in Panama City, Florida.

E-mail: jmwatford@earthlink.net
Wenners, Captain Edward B   B Adjutant, 39th Engineer Battalion (combat)
26 November 1966 to 10 May 1967

Company Commander, B Company
39th Engineer Battalion (combat)
11 May 1967 to 12 November 1967

Lieutenant Colonel USA (Ret) in December of 2002


Ed Wenners is my Dad. I was actually looking up another family member when I found your site. He is living in CT and toured twice. Google his name if you want more info.


West, Randy   D As of January 2010 Randy was living in Andrews, NC.

Reunion photo: 1
Weston, Joseph Steve   D In country during 1967. 

Photos: 1, 2

As of 2010 he was living in Eastman, GA.
White Jr, Leon   HHC Assigned to HHC from 1966 to 1967.

E-mail: jbug888leon@aol.com (as of June 2014)
White, Scott   D  
Williams, Thomas R.   D Thomas R. Williams, 1st Platoon, D Co, Oct68 to Oct69.  LZ Baldy, LZ Ross, LZ Charlie Brown, LZ Goldie, LZ Dottie. 

Stayed around Pat Barrett. Platoon Leader was Lt. Deslott.
Wittington, Larry Dale   D,A Transferred from Company D to Company A in August of 1967.

Vietnam photo: 1
2004 Reunion photo: 1

In 2010 he was living in Greenville, AL.
Wooters, Sgt   HHC In Vietnam around May 1967 to May of 1968.
Wrenn, Jeff   D I served in Company D from October 1969 to October 1970. I worked in the Motor Pool as the PLL Clerk, and sometimes as the acting motor sergeant. I was a Spc 4 when I got there, and a Spc 5 when I left.

I am living in Sioux City, Iowa now.

E-mail: jeff.wrenn@gmail.com (as of February 2017)
Yates, David   D 1968 - 1969
Young, Harold (Harry)   C My name is Harold Young (Harry), I served with C Company, 39th Engs. from Oct. '67 to Oct'68.  I was in 3rd. platoon, 2nd. squad based at Lz Dragon and Lz Snoopy.  A few full names I still remember : Eulan Ford, John Moretti, Paul Galuzzi, Frank Giroux, Jim Jensen.

E-mail: nayarit49@msn.com (as of Sept 2004)
Young, Neil   C I was on LZ Snoopy and LZ Max in 68 and 69.

Email: neil.fairoaks@gmail.com
Zakery   HHC In Vietnam around 1970.

Photos: 1, 2


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