I received the first four articles from Julius C Moody. I don't know where they were originally published. One appears to have come from something called "Observer". My copies appear to be copies of copies of copies ... and were difficult to read in some places. I used the OCR capabilites of my scanner to scan them in and then cleaned up those scanned copies. The copies you see here are in PDF format so they will open on your screen using Adobe Reader and if you want you can reproduce them on your printer.


It's a Mine

This short article describes what our morning mine sweeps were like. Companies A & C are mentioned.


Do It Right the First Time

This one page article features a poor quality photo of Sergeant Arlen Lanphier laying on the road probing for a possible mine. Captain Walsh is quoted in this article too.


Unit History

This four page document covers the activites of the 39th Batallion, all four companies, from February 1967 to January 1968. If you were in the 39th Batallion during this time then I'm sure you will remember some of the stories detailed here.


Tunnel Rat

This short article describes what it is like be a tunnel rat.


Vung Ro Bay - Port Lane - Bryant Road

This Army Digest article from September 1967 describes what all was involved in building this important port facility.