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A3 -The journey to Vietnam begins. Click on photo to see a larger view with names.








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A6 - Click on photo to see a larger view with names.









A7 - This photo was taken in Oakland, California in January of 1967. This is the ship that would carry Company D to Vietnam. The name of the ship is the USNS Barrett. It took around 28 days to go from Oakland, California to Vietnam.







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A14 - Gregg Heacock on the USNS Barrett.









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A19 - Gregg Heacock aboard the USNS Barrett.









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A27 -








A28 - That's probably Alcatraz Prinson in the center of the photo.









A29 - Gregg Heacosk (left) and Joseph Steve Weston (right) abord the USNS Barrett.









A30 -









A31 -









A32 - Danny Estrada (left) and Jim Long (right).









A33 - Gregg Heacock









A34 - View of Hawaii where we dropped off a Merchant Marine deck hand that had died.









A35 - Another view of Hawaii.








A36 - That's Hawaii off in the distance.









A37 -








A38 -










A39 - The USNS Barret approaches Vung Ro Bay in Vietnam.









A40 -









A41 - The USNS Barrett prepares for docking.









A42 - The USNS Barrett docks.









A43 - LST ready for unloading or maybe loading. The ship behind the LST looks like the USNS Barrett.







A44 -









A45 - This photo was taken from the main road that runs between Vung Ro Bay and Highway QL1.









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