39th Engineer Battalion Home Page -

Link: http://www.angelfire.com/my/39th/



Yahoo! Site -

There is an active site on Yahoo! where you will find fellow 39th Engineers members ready to welcome you to the group. You will find the latest information on 39th Engineer reunions here. Follow the link below to join in:




Donn "Doc" Dade Site -

I first heard about this site from John Barden. Here is how he described it -

"I want to encourage you all to visit this site that Donn "Doc" Dade has. Don't let the name fool you when you go there, he is about brotherhood of Vietnam engineers and getting together again. And make sure you have the speakers on cause he has a radio broadcast going with music and interviews with former engineers and other items that you will be interested in. And it is very up beat and positive. And funny. He has listing for all Engineer units so add your name and info over there. This info will be on the site for long after we are gone. He has a couple of servers on both coasts."

This is a great site if you are searching for some of the friends you served with.




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