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1. When we first arrived at our new camp it started raining. And it rained ... a lot. This area was called Hill 63 (LZ Baldy) which was west of Highway QL1 and a little north of Chu Lai. (Hill 63, Date: December 1967)






2. Things are still a little wet but the motor pool had to go up. (Hill 63, Date: December 1967)








3. Sunrise. A new day. Hopefully a dry day. (Hill 63, December 1967)







4. Company D's camp was placed on the far western edge of the LZ Baldy Compound and north of Road 535 (See map). This view is looking toward the west. In this photo the guys on the right are getting ready to build some structure, probably the perimiter gurard bunker. It is difficult to see but there is concertina wire behind the guys on the right. The Vietnamese person on the left is outside the concertina wire.





5. The hill in the distance is Hill 63, the hill this area was named for. This photo is of the south side of the hill and was taken from the north side of our camp. (Hill 63, Date: December 1967)







6. A view of our culvert yard with the airfield (LZ Baldy) in the background. (Hill 63, Date: January 1968)







7. This was my new home. (Hill 63, Date: January 1968)








8. An example of one of our perimeter guard bunkers. (Hill 63, Date: January 1968)








9. A view from inside the guard bunker shown above. This view is looking toward the west. (Hill 63, Date: January 1968)








10. Waste control. Burning the ... stuff ... from the latrines! (Hill 63, Date: February 1968)







11. Harold E Pearson - Supply sergeant, D Co.,39th Eng. Bn from 30 Jan 1968 to 25 Jul 1968. (Photo provided by Harold E Pearson) 







12. Pen for our company mascot. (February 1968)








13. Me with our company calf (Future Blue Bull). (February 1968)










14. A crowd gathers for something. The next photo shows what everyone was looking at. (Hill 63, Date: February 1968)







15. Detained prisoners. Were they the enemy. I didn't know then so I sure don't know now. (Hill 63, Date: February 1968)








16. Filling sand bags. Seemed like we were always filling sandbags.  The fellow leaning over with the shovel is Richard Schmitz from Chicago. (Hill 63, December 20, 1967)







17. Sometimes we would go down to the western entrance to LZ Baldy and hire some of the local folks to fill sandbags for us. (Hill 63, Date: January 1968)







18. This was down by the western entrance to LZ Baldy. Looks like some intense selling and buying going on here. (Hill 63, Date: January 1968)







19. This lady probably helped us fill our sandbags. (Hill 63, Date: January 1968)










20. This adorable little girl helped us fill our sandbags and looks like she might have been selling soft drinks too. That's probably what was in that green & blue bag she is holding on too. (Hill 63, Date: January 1968)










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