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C1 - First camp in Vietnam near the town of Tuy Hoa. Later part of the Company would move to Dai Lanh, a beautiful white sandy beach area south of Vung Ro Bay.








C2 -









C3 -









C4 - Mike Mijan (left) and Gregg Heacock (right).










C5 -









C6 - Gregg Heacock









C7 - Civilian rock quarry








C8 - Civilian rock quarry








C9 - Civilian rock quarry








C10 - Civilian rock quarry








C11 - Civilian rock quarry








C12 - Railroad spur at rock quarry.








C13 - Tuy Hoa Orphanage and Convent








C14 - Sister Teresa talking to unidentfied soldier at the Tuy Hoa Orphanage and Convent project.







C15 - Tuy Hoa Orphanage and Convent








C16 -








C17 -








C18 - Powers, Taylor, Moses








C19 -








C20 -








C21 -








C22 - Sgt Taylor and Mathews








C23 - Having a little fun with Shorty Powers








C24 -








C25 - No resistance at beach








C26 -








C27 -









C28 -









C29 - On February 7, 2013 I received an e-mail from Alex Hanson with information about this photo.

This is Alex Hanson, 572 Engr Co (le). We supported the 39th at Tuy Hoa. When I got there in Feb 67, the 39th was starting to leave. That picture of the rigs waiting by the guard shack is the Long Railway Bridge that was planked over and had one way traffic. The town of Tuy Hoa is on the other side.





C30 -










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