If you were a member of the Company D when it made the move from Texas to Vietnam in January of 1967 then you will find these photos very interesting. The photos were taken by Gregg Heacock from January 1967 to January 1968. If you were in Company D during this time then you may remember Gregg and some of the other guys, projects and scenes in these photos.

July 2013 - Gregg is beginning to write a book about his experience in Vietnam from January 1967 to January 1968. His wife is assisting him but they need some help with identifying some of the guys in his photos and the names of some of the locations. If you can provide any help please contact Gregg and share your information. Here is Gregg's contact information and letter asking for help. Letter (PDF file)


Texas to Vietnam

In and Around Tuy Hoa

On the White Sandy Beach of Dai Lanh

LST Move to Duc Pho

Duc Pho and LZ Bronco

Duc Pho and LZ Bronco - Part 2

R & R in Taipei, Taiwan

In and Around Chu Lai

LZ Baldy

Going Home

Random Photos