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1. This girl was with her family on the north side of Duc Pho along Highway QL1. (Duc Pho, Date: October 1967). Click here to see her with the rest of the family.













2. Young girls like this were always following us around when we were working along Highway QL1. This girl was probably trying to sell us some cold Coca-Cola. (Duc Pho, Date: October 1967)









3. Another young girl with a great smile that probably sold us lots of Coca-Cola. (Duc Pho, Date: October 1967)














4. This enterprising young lady was selling Coca-Cola and pillows. (Duc Pho, Date: October 1967)












5. This is Ms. Letus Phuoc. I hope I spelled the name correctly. Letus worked in our camp and was obviously very popular with all us guys. (Photo date: November 1967)

Update: In March of 2016 I received an e-mail from my new friend Cao Tan Thiet who was born and raised in Duc Pho. This lady is his aunt and he gave me the correct spelling of her name. Here is the English translation of her name. It is Ms. Le Thi Phuoc. Thank you Thiet.












6. Another photo of Ms. Letus. I can only hope that Ms. Letus and the other young girls on this page were able to survive the war. (Photo date: December 5, 1967)

Update: In July of 2010 I received an e-mail from a young man in Vietnam that grew up in Duc Pho, Vietnam. Xuan Phong Nguyen is his name and he knew Ms Letus. He told me that she did survive the war and still lived in Duc Pho.













7. Another photo of Ms. Le Thi Phuoc. I don't know who the owner of this photo is. A link to the photo was sent to me in May of 2012 by my friend Xuan Phong Nguyen.







8. A more recent photo of Ms. Le Thi Phuoc. My friend Thiet Cat sent me this photo on February 11, 2017.










9. The girl in this photo is Letus's friend Hoi. That's Julius C. Moody from Georgia playing around with Hoi's hat. (Duc Pho, Date: November 1967)









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