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1. Home sweet home. It doesn't look like much but a few months after this photo was taken I would have given anything to get back into this palatial estate. I shared this palace with three others. My bunk was just inside the door on the left. (Duc Pho, Date: October 1967) Click here to see what my future temporary home would be.





2. This was my corner of home. (Duc Pho, Date: October 1967)







3. Another view of my corner of home. Notice the tape recorder on the coffee table in front of my bunk. This provided us with lots of entertainment in the evenings. Click here to see information about that reel-to-reel tape on the table. (Duc Pho, Date: October 1967)






4. One of our evening socials inside my home. In this photo with me are John Burger, Dennis Bess, Jullius C Moody, Wolfgang (James) Mayer and Richard Buckly. Click on image to see a larger version of this photo with names. (Duc Pho, Date: November 1967)





5. Another social gathering in my home. That's me in the front and center of the photo. Others in the photo are Richard Buckley, John Dick (possibly), Dennis Bess, John Burger and Jullius C Mooday. Click on image to see a larger version of this photo with names.(Duc Pho, Date: November 1967)





6. A photo of me standing by the front door inside our home. John Burger painted the images on the door. (Duc Pho, Date: October 1967)










7. A somewhat out of focus photo of me operating the tape recorder. (Duc Pho, Date: November 1967)










8. The artist, John Burger from Rosedale, New York. He provided all the art work on the walls of our home. (Duc Pho, Date: October 1967)







9. Another, slightly out of focus, photo of artist John Burger. (Duc Pho, Date: November 1967)









10. In December of 1967 we had to take down our beautiful home and move on up Highway QL1 to a new area a little north of Chu Lai near a town named Hoi An. (Duc Pho, Date: December 1967)






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