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G1 - The rest of Company D arrives at the beach near Duc Pho and LZ Bronco. An advanced party from Company D was already there.







G2 - Setting up our first camp in the Duc Pho area. It was about half way between the beach and the airfield.







G3 - This bridge construction was being done within yards of the camp mentioned in the above photo.








G4 - Same bridge as shown in previous photo but in this photo the construction is or near complete.








G5 - 101st Eagles Nest we built. Named Montezuma.







G6 - View of LZ Bronco from a helicopter.









G7 - View of LZ Bronco from a helicopter.








G8 - View of LZ Bronco from a helicopter. That round canvas roof structure in the foreground is our company motor pool.







G9 -







G10 - Gregg Heacock taking over a chopper.







G11 -








G12 -







G13 -







G14 -








G15 -









G16 -









G17 - Lewis Hylton









G18 - Gregg Heacock









G19 - Lewis Hylton









G20 -









G21 -









G22 -









G23 -









G24 -










G25 - Gregg Heacock










G26 - The gap in the road was dug so a culvert could be put in place.







G27 - These amphibious vehicles were used to ferry our oil tank trucks out to where they could be filled with road oil.







G28 -








G29 -








G30 -








G31 - Gregg Heacock








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