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The re-activatoin of the 39th Engineer Batallion will take place at Fort Campbell, KY in April of 2015. If you would like to attend this ceremony hotel space has been set asside for us at the Holiday Inn Express, Fort Campbell-Oak Grove for April 15th, 16th and 17th.


If you are like me and wondering what this activation means read Jim Shamblen's explanation below.

The Army is placing a modified Combat Engineer Battalion in each combat Brigade Team. The 39th and the 21st are being added to the 326th as the 101st Airborne Division as the three Brigade Combat Battalion. Each Battalion will have two Engineer Company's, one Intelligence Company, one Signal Company and one Maintenance Company.

Jim Shamblen



Read Bill Ray's e-mail below for additional information -


Date: March 5, 2015

Good Morning,
Jim Shamblen has set up a block of 10 rooms for the 39th association for us that are planning on attending the stand-up of the 39th at Fort Campbell, KY. The date of the stand-up is April 16, 2015; hotel information is listed below. I will be posting this on the 39th group site and also have Walter post it on the website if possible. Carolyn & I have made our reservations and will be arriving the evening of the 15th with Diane & Gale in tow. Hope to see you there.

CPT Tyandre Ellis who is my main contact at Fort Campbell has requested a list of names so that he can have seating arranged for us as a group; this is so there possibly can be some type of recognition during the stand-up. If you are planning on attending please let me know by e-mail (listed below) as soon as possible; I have indicated that I will have a list or at least a head count for him next week.


Bill Ray
39th ENG BN (CBT) Alumni Association
(817) 239-0787 (Cell)
E-mail: bill39th@sbcglobal.net

Hotel Information: Holiday Inn Express, Fort Campbell-Oak Grove


Latest Information -

Here is the latest information dated March 17, 2015. This includes a list of those that plan to be there as of March 17, 2015.