Sgt Mike Male above uncovers a mine found along Road 535 a few miles west of LZ Baldy. The mine was exploded in place using TNT explosives.



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My Name: Richard B Mayes

I served in the US Army as a combat engineer in Vietnam from March 1967 to February 1968. I started taking these pictures on October 6, 1967.

My Unit: 18th Brigade, 45th Group, 39th Engineers, Company D


Last update: November 5, 2017

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My Reason For Creating This Site -

I have not seen much information on the Internet concerning my unit and its activities in Vietnam. I'm posting these photos in hopes that some of the people that I served with might find them the next time they are surfing the net for information about their time in Vietnam.



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This page lists all the photos that are on this site. Most of the photos are mine but you will also find photos that were sent to me by others.

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My Diary -

I kept a diary while in Vietnam. From this page you can select which month between March 1967 and February 1968 you would like to read. View Diary Pages



Roll Call Page -

This page lists some of the names of the guys I was in Vietnam with. Some of the names I remember and some came from my diary. Over the years others have contacted me and asked that their names be added. View Roll Call Page



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This page has comments that people have sent me over the years. View Guest Book



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This page has articles that were printed in various Army News papers and magazines. View Army News Articles



After Action Reports -

These reports were prepared by the units and submitted to battalion hearquarters. The reports included here cover the time I was in Vietnam. These documents cover unit activities during a specific time period. If this is something you like more of these reports are available on the 39th Engineer Battalion web site at:

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